Sanax Medical has a full range of rescue equipment available to cover your emergency needs. Sanax supplies well known and trusted brands such as Ferno, DHS, Neann, and Laerdal, just to name a few.

Sanax Medical is here to assist your company in being prepared for any potential emergency requirements. We cover the whole range from collars and spine boards, stretchers for all occasions, rescue harnesses through to major incidence response and extrication rescue equipment.

  • Is your business meeting its requirements for preparedness for emergencies?
  • Have you equipped your staff with the basic minimum equipment they should carry?


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Reporting—books/registers Defibs Resus
Splints Shower equipment (eye showers and chairs) Collars
Stretchers Head gear, Helmets Eye protection/face protection
Gloves (rigger gloves) bags tourniquet
Litters Spineboards Harness
Rescue Kits Apparel/vests Misc/other