Sanax Medical is now the first Australian company to be certified to ISO 18385-2016 “Minimizing the risk of human DNA contamination in products used to collect, store and analyse biological material for forensic purposes”.

Certification to the International Standard involves extensive monitoring of our receivals, collection and production of all kits and components, as well as the ability to track all of the component parts of each kit via batch number tracking and monitoring. Another requirement of the International Standard is regular DNA sampling and analysis of the kits we produce as well as our production environment, to ensure that contaminant DNA is present at levels that won’t interfere with the end users lab analysis or investigation.

For over a decade Sanax Medical have been supplying forensic consumables and preparing forensic kits.

Sanax Medical also supplies a wide range of forensic consumables including gloves, protective clothing, dusting powders, fingerprint lifters and exhibit collection solutions. We also supply a range of brands including Police Science Industries (PSI), Sirchie, Forensic Source (Lightning), Whatman, Copan and Prochoice just to name a few.

At Sanax Medical we have the knowledge and ability to assist you with any and all of your forensic supply requirements and we would happily welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can assist in fulfilling your requirements.

Since May 2012, our premises have had a custom built clean room to assist us in preparing kits of the highest possible standard.

Sanax Medical is a proud member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) of WA and through them we keep abreast of technological and importantly, policy developments within Australia.

Sanax Medical stay and remain at the forefront of industry expectations to provide kits that are not only suited to the needs of those on the frontline but also maintains a forensic integrity of the highest standard.

We currently produce sampling kits for a number of specific purposes and are also capable of working with you to create the kits you require. All of the kits are designed to adhere to chain of custody and evidence collection protocols, which is achieved by the utilisation of tamper evident bags and seals as well as customised serial numbers and bar coded products.

Please contact us via phone or email to discuss your specific requirements.