No matter what your pharmaceutical requirements, Sanax Medical can be relied on to provide them for you.

Please note though, that to buy any scheduled products, we will only be able to supply upon receipt of a copy of an appropriate current Poison’s Permit issued by the Health Department in your state.

At Sanax we appreciate your privacy and our confidentiality policy ensures we won’t disclose to third parties details of your Poison’s Permit.

We endeavor to fulfill all medical orders while at the same time complying with the Poison’s Permit allowances and conditions.

Our pharmaceutical lines include a wide range of products, from scheduled & unscheduled medications, vitamin supplements, skin creams, through to feminine hygiene, toiletries and anything in between.


Click the product category below to view our products:

Reporting—books/registers Pain relief Vaccine
Allergy Analgesics Antifungal
Anti-inflame Anti nausea Cold/flu/cough
Cold sore Ear care Eye care
Hydration Laxative Sedatives
Topical Stomach Worming
Stimulants Pharma prep (ie peroxide) Other/Misc