First Aid

Sanax Medical is your one stop shop for all your first aid requirements. We maintain high levels of all basic first aid items in stock to ensure fast delivery of your order.

We supply a lot of items singularly and in standard pack sizes so if you don’t need a huge amount we will be able to assist you.  This will allow you to keep your costs down while still maintaining an excellent level of supplies for your business.

We access to a wide range of first aid kits, including Aero Healthcare kits as shown on this website. Sanax Medical assemble our own premium range first aid kits on premises (not shown here). If you can’t find one that suits your particular needs just ask one of our friendly customer service team to assist you.

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Here are some questions you should be asking at your work place to ensure that if someone were to have an accident, adequate supplies are on hand to ensure first aid treatment can be given:

  • What are the company’s legal requirements in regards to having a first aid kit on the premises?
  • Does your workplace have a designated first aid or safety officer?
  • Does your workplace have a first aid kit?
  • Were the special requirements of your industry taken into account when selecting the contents of your first aid kit?
  • Do you have enough first aid supplies to treat the common incidents or accidents that might occur in your workplace?
  • Do you have adequate signage to allow people to find your first aid kit?
  • Is you first aid kit checked regularly for expired products and topped up by someone when products are used?
  • When was the last time your office first aid kit was checked?
  • Is your company meeting its OH&S requirements?
  • If you have employees out on the road a lot, do they have a first aid kit in their vehicle?

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>> Here are some links that may assist you to determine your OH&S needs.


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First Aid Kits Bandages Bandaids
Dressings Solution’s—sodium chlorides/chlorhex Sun Protection
Hydration Bites and stings Burns
Eye care Reporting—books Infection control—aqium
Personal Care—deodorants, pads Sports—sports tape Tapes—micropore, leukosilk, leucoplast
Wounds First aid Equipment—BP’s, Stethoscopes, dishes Other first aid supplies and consumables