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Balladong and Sanax Medical are proud to Introduce Ballardong Medical Pty Ltd, a unique 50% Aboriginal owned and run Western Australian First aid and Medical supplies business. Ballardong and Sanax Medical both strive towards a united goal of offering a diverse range of products and services to our clients in the most efficient and effective way possible and are both committed to providing quality products and services that will exceed client expectations. By combining forces we look to expand our client base, continue to provide excellent service and continue to support the Koolark Scholarship Program and the wider Aboriginal community in Perth and remote Western Australia. Please refer to the Ballardong Medical company page


Mindray defibrilator

**Mindray Defibrillation now available from Sanax**

Mindray defibrilator

Sanax Medical is excited to announce that we now have Mindray Defibrillation and Monitoring available. This is upgraded and state of the art equipment that takes into consideration the users capabilities and knowledge, meaning there is different units available for anyone from the general public all the way up to someone with paramedic training.

Some units are listed below but are not limited to these. Please contact out friendly staff for an obligation free quote or for more information on or alternatively (08) 6240 5500.


Beneheart D1 Public –

Beneheart D1 Pro -

Beneheart D3 –

Beneheart D6 –

Vital Signs Monitoring:

High Acuity:



Sanax Medical is a supplier of Cyanokit – Cyanide Poisoning Treatment Kit


This is the currently accepted treatment for Cyanide poisoning for the industrial market. It employs a high dose Vitamin B12 to bind to and assist in flushing the poison out of the system. We also sell all adjunctive therapies for cyanide poisoning.

This product is provided in Australia under the Special Access Scheme and all usage is reported to the Health Department.

To obtain further information, a quote or to order please contact our friendly sales team