Health and Safety

Sanax Medical is a firm believer in safety first. As such, we offer our customers a wide range of products to assist them achieve their safety goals.

Preventing accidents before they happen is essential for workers long term health and safety.

  • Does your company have a proactive or reactive response to safety and accident prevention?
  • Should your workplace have visible safety signs up?
  • Does the workplace have fire blankets or extinguishers?
  • Should employees have protective wear in their job?
  • Should you be providing protective masks, head wear or gloves?


After answering these questions, should you be contacting Sanax Medical to find out what we can do for you?
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Reporting—books Drug and Alcohol Testing Infection control
Labels and tags Washroom/cleaning products Safety Posters—downloadable and also to purchase
Spill control Workwear, PPE & First Aid Fire Safety
Waste Control Food Safety Hydration
Sun Protection Equipment Other health and safety and consumables