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Latest News From Sanax

The cold weather has finally arrived, I hope everyone took advantage of workplace flu vaccination schemes and it has lowered your absenteeism through flu.

To keep the general theme of keeping the spread of flu and various virus at a minimum we can help you with personal sized hand sanitisers.  These can be given to each worker to ensure that hands are kept free from germs even when there is no access to water.  We have both alcohol sanitisers like Aqium and non alcohol based ones upon request.

With the cold weather comes a new set of problems,  keeping your staff warm.  We can assist you with this in the form of hat liners, balaclava, thermal wear and hand and feet warmers.

We can also assist you to keep those staff who are feeling a little under the weather to feel better with a wide range of cough,  cold and flu products that should get your staff feeling better a lot quicker.